Our design team can take your project from concept to reality. We have vast experience in many engineering sectors including Automotive, Motorsport, Marine and Industrial use.

3D Scanning / Prototyping 

P1 can offer a variety of 3D scanning, printing and prototyping services depending on customer requirements


Master and Mould Construction 

Our master and mould construction abilities will easily accommodate the most demanding of projects.

From hand crafted to machined masters, to steel and aluminium machined or composite moulds.

Custom Projects 

With our extensive knowledge and expertise in composite engineering, we can provide a complete solution from design to manufacture.

Structural and Non-Structural Components 

We are passionate about delivering the highest quality composite components. From aesthetic Automotive parts to Monocoques. Whatever the industry sector, we are committed to setting the highest standard.

Autoclave and Press Moulding 

With our Autoclave and Hot Press curing, we guarantee that are parts are cured to perfection with recordable temperature and pressure on each system. Both essential to maintain our meticulous standards.


P1’s finishing standards are equal to the highest in Automotive. Colour or clear coating carbon fibre components is an advanced technology.

A perfect combination of our facility, skill and process, ensures the longevity and resistance to weather and wear, even in extreme conditions.